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Bruce Little

Born in South Africa, Bruce developed an early passion for the African wilderness through his childhood spent in the bushveld. He became a conservationist and professional game ranger, working at the famous private game reserves of Londolozi and Singita in the South African bushveld. For the following ten years he lived on a private conservation project in the Eastern Cape where he restored Hopewell, a former beef and sheep ranch, to its original wilderness state. This included the reintroduction of indigenous wildlife to the reserve. The twenty years spent in the wilderness has given Bruce invaluable insight into his subjects he holds so dear.
For the past 19 years Bruce has worked on sculpting his subjects by focusing less on strict anatomical correctness but more on capturing the deeper meaning of the animals he observes. Bruce says “it is natural for every artist to grow and evolve in one’s artistic journey” and as a result he has started sculpting a series of pieces with a contemporary aspect, which he feels portrays the animals in a different light but still encompasses the essence of the animals surroundings, spirit and behaviour. In addition, Bruce has added a human element to his works where he attempts to portray a deep indelible bond that we as humans have with the earth and nature

Floris Van Zyl

Floris van Zyl is a Contemporary South African fine artist based in the Midlands of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

Born 1971, he grew up in Pretoria and was drawn to the arts from a very young age. He qualified as a Graphic Designer in 1993 where after he started his own design agency.

By 2009 he relocated to the countryside and started painting full time. He brings to his work the analytical eye of a graphic designer but tempers this formality with a loose, almost reckless method of applying paint to his canvas.

His subject is rendered in blocks and dabs of colour often built up layer upon layer achieving his intention of, “creating images that work at a distance but become even more rewarding at close range.”

He explores these combinations of natural and man-made shapes in his portraits and figure studies where the human form is sometimes set against rigid formal structured shapes. Inspiration comes from many sources: “I am influenced and inspired by my own life, also by observing the lives of other people”.

Before making a mark on the canvas Floris determines what he calls the subject’s emotional climate. “It is more a feeling than anything else.” Next he considers the technical aspects of the subject, such as its shape, textures and colours.

Floris sells his paintings on great demand across the world. Quite a large numbers of these are direct commissions from local and international collectors. He frequently participates with great success in local and international exhibitions and his work has been published in various authoritative art publications.


Johann Booyens

Johann Booyens is a printmaker and paper artist working and living in the scenic Somerset West, South Africa. A teacher and lifelong student, he collaborates with other artists to combine traditional printmaking with exploratory techniques and processes. He works with a various professional and novice artists on corporate and private projects and has exhibited his own work locally and abroad.
As artist, his work is centered around the complex symbiotic relationship between people and their natural worlds that houses them.

Zach Mukwira

Mukwira was born in 1968 in Makonde, Zimbabwe. From 1989 to 1992, he studied disability and awareness campaigns through the arts with an organization called Zimbabwe Integration Through Arts. He has continued his work with the disabled, as well as paint. Kayakwanga Art Studio is Mukwira’s private home studio. The name originates from Kaya (meaning home) and Kwanga (meaning mine). It was his need to share his art and work environment with his loved ones which inspired this project.
Kayakwanga has been involved in holding workshops with disabled children through the years, and this is a dream which Mukwira, although very successful in his own right as an artist, will never forego.
One of the principal reasons Mukwira’s work is so popular is that it always tells an African story. He has work in private collections across the world as well as at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the Half Way Hotel and the New Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls. He also has done a book cover for the children’s book “Stars in a Plate,” and has an on-going contract to provide artwork for the Nando’s food chain as their restaurants in South Africa are renovated.
Mukwira has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Zimbabwe and South Africa and has facilitated four workshops. He is a member of the Friends of the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe and Water Colour Society of South Africa.
Mukwira has a positive approach to life. His favorite mantra is: “Think Luck! If you fall into a river, check your pockets for fish!!”

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