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imibala Art Portfolio

Liffey Joy

I was born in Surrey, England and moved to South Africa with my family in 1999. I attended school in Johannesburg and received my Bachelor of Fine Art from the Michalis School of Fine Art in Cape Town, majoring in painting, in 2011.I am currently practicing as an artist in the Johannesburg area. I am a mixed media artist, producing work in a variety of different mediums. I like to experiment with materials and favour a combination of painting and various material works. I have worked with a variety of mediums including salt, gunpowder, ink, satin and feathers to name a few. I enjoy the tactile nature of these materials as well as the tendency for them to move or work in unpredictable manners. This chance element is something I relish both working with and manipulating. While the mediums I chose to work in may vary the central ideas remain the same, each of my works has some kind of psychological resonance. The subject may vary greatly in the works I make but in all of them there lies an inherent sadness. I generally veer towards a more muted palette, consisting mainly of tonal blacks, whites and greys. I am interested in light and dark, in both their physical forms and their psychological connotations. My work represents a journey, or more specifically my journey, navigating through these metaphorical planes of light and dark.

Liffey Joy
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